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People want to improve their quality of life and lifestyle today.One of the important ways to do that is through reading  referrals , references , biographies, autobiograhies and the Curriculum Vitaes of people.


This site will assist you to meet new friends, network with professional and business people and also to publish your own information on the internet if you list your information on our people database or create your own personal website.


List your personal contact information such as your name, interests, knowledge, skills, qualifications and competencies on our people database  and search for information of people that you want to contact.Bringing people into contact with each other is the purpose of this website in order to assist you with recruitment, job placements, headhunting and people development.


 Selecting and assessing the people that you want to recruit is important. But in order to do that you need information regarding people that is available on our people database. The information provided here will provide you with important data such as the aptitude and abilities of people that you want to assess , select and recruit.


More importantly, you will be able to define your outcomes and the purpose for your specific search and then search our database for the specific people information that you require and want  to use to make decisions for job placements and advertisements, recruitment,selection and  training. If you need to make contact with professional people such as psychologists, doctors or medical health practiotioners you can use this search facility.


We also invite all psychologists, psychiatrists, human resources practitioners, employee wellness experts or other qualified and accredited service providers to list their information on this website to enable people to find your information and that of your business. But this site is not limited to professional and business people only. It is also for ordinary people who want to enrich their lives by making contact with people who share the same interests and hobbies.


The life of every person is important and has a purpose and meaning. By listing your information here and sending   your Curriculum Vitae to the  e-mail address, we shall publish your job related or personal information on this website and enable others to make contact with you. This will enhance your opportunities of networking with others.


MeetMe on the net is a site for individuals who wish to contact others. It consists of a comprehensive database with the details of people and links to their personalized web pages or web sites.


You, the visitor, can search for people using various search facilities to find individuals such as:

  • Professional people : doctors, lawyers, dentists, auditors, engineers, specialists etc.

  • Celebrities : famous people, sport stars , movie stars, etc.

  • Business people in various fields.

  • People for friendship or a relationship.

  • People for placements/careers.

  • General interest.


    Use this site to meet people and share ideas with them. Our aim is to list a broad spectrum of people enabling you, the user, to find individuals who meet your search criteria.
    MeetMe also provides the facility to host your own personalized web site. Get listed to find out more.

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